Daaga: Trending At no 11, Sanseinn: Trending At 12 – Himesh Ke Dil Se

Daaga: Trending At no 11, Sanseinn: Trending At 12
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Daaga: Trending At no 11, Sanseinn: Trending At 12:– Himesh Reshammiya present latest two Hindi songs from his album “Himesh Ke Dil Se” brawls the whole youtube. The first one is Daaga which is sung by Indian idol star Mohd Danish, this song was composed by Himesh Reshammiya, and the Daaga lyrics were written by Sameer Anjaan. This song got 14 million views in just 4 days and it trends at no 11.

Daaga is an intense romantic melody song. this song explores the side of love and betrayal. This song says a story of a lover who was betrayed by his beloved one and he can not handle this separation and going through immense pain.

Watch the song “Daaga”: 

The second song is Sanseinn which is the first song of this album, sang by Sawai Bhatt who inebriated Indian idol manch and the whole India with his magical voice. this song’s lyrics and music are given by Himesh Reshammiya. This song got 34 million views on youtube in 2 weeks and trending at no 12. 

Sanseinn is also a romantic love song. This song has magic that will connect you with your beloved one. The lyrics and music make this song special. In this song, a lover expresses his love. He says how he feels about her. watch the song you will love it.

Watch the song “Sanseinn”: 

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