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Built In Pain Lyrics – Asim Riaz – Latest hindi song is Sang By Asim Riaz, Music composed by Charan.
Lyrics of Built In Pain written by Asim Riaz. The music video featured by Asim Riaz.
Built In Pain Lyrics In English - Asim Riaz | Fast2lyric

“Built In Pain” Song credits : 

✏ Song: Built In Pain
✏ Singer: 
Asim Riaz

✏ Lyrics: Asim Riaz
✏ Music: Charan
✏ Actor: Asim Riaz
✏ Label: Asim Riaz

“Built In Pain” lyrics : 

Right now where i’m at the world is harsh
And i just don’t got no beautiful stories
You know i’m say i’m gonna just be getting them ready

Yeah, asim riaz
You know i’m built in pain
One more time
Let me take you back again!

Pay rents for room in a building
Looks like my high school
Jaise night school with no rules
Daala ke daale i-kool
Saath rehne waale bande
Dimagh se the thande
Thoda cycle hua fuck
These bhai’s & lifes thugs yeah
Aankhein khole meri khusboo hasish ki
Raat se saare bhang jalare
Glass me thi whisky
Saare dipsy, kamrе me miss thi, naam uska christy
Thodi fisky, lage risky
Lage jeepsy, i’m likе bitch please
Bacche jaisa don’t treat me
I’mah hustler, don’t teach me
Ye sehar ki reet-preet
Love story nahi koi sip sweet
Fir ungli chalni tweet-tweet
Dialogue the hitch you gotta think deep
So smoking weed in the backseat
I’m listening to this mean beat, my man

I’m trippin’ again, yeah
Built in pain, i’m trippin’ again, yeah
Built in pain, i’m trippin’ again (let’s do it!)
I’m king insane, yeah, yeah

Like a thug on my mission
Mai chalun like my vision
And i’m wishin’ is already
Inka mission na puchu mai permission
Ye movie me na kabhi lage intermission
Seedha knockout no submission
Mean energy, jaise nuclear fusion hoon mai
Khinchi lines mera sar ghume, past doobe
Mere lungs bole bhai thoda kam foonke
Par thousand thoughts on my mind help it kaleja
Halka hua dhue se, i’m movin’ big stats daale kue me
2 own house in the city, i’ve the bae who is really preety
Par sochu mai kyun abhi bhi jaana padega
Kabhi bhi ghar, waha pe j-town, with the fake round
Big frown & my face down
Shaadi bacche aur biwi waalid
Ke sar pe ho kharche
And i’m the looser
Badnaseebi mujhe haaye lage logo ki
Like bhai, you’re wanna be from reality tv, dollar cv
Daftar pe ghar rakhna girvi tu darr ke
Gharwalo se ladke, kishte bharde
‘Cause you all same the city
And it’s dark lage creepy
Fuck that ye shady lane pe chlega ye lonely king

Yeah, and i’m trippin’ again, yeah
Built in pain, i’m trippin’ again, yeah
Built in pain, i’m trippin’ again
I’m king insane, i’m hustlin’
‘Cause i’m built in pain, i’m trippin’ again, yeah
I’m built in pain, i’m trippin’ again
You know, gaur se dekho, i’m hustlin’
I’m king insane, i’m king insane
‘Cause i’m built in pain, i’m trippin’ again, boy
I’m built in pain, i’m trippin’ again, boy

Asim riaz, you know i’m saying
We did it! Yeah
Fuck yeah

If you not cheering for me
For what i’m doing, don’t cheer for me
Don’t cheer ’cause you think i’m cute
You know what i’m saying
Screw that, cheer for me for what i’m doing
For what i stand for

Official “Built In Pain” video : 

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Fast2lyric FAQs & Trivia

☑ Who wrote the lyrics of “Built In Pain” song?
Asim Riaz wrote the lyrics of “Built In Pain”.

☑ Who is the singer of “Built In Pain” song?
Asim Riaz has sung the song “Built In Pain”.

☑ Who composed the music of “Built In Pain” ?
Charan Composed the music of “Built In Pain”.

☑ Who has featured in the music video?
The music video of “Built In Pain” features Asim Riaz.

☑ Who directed “Built In Pain” music video?
“Built In Pain” music video is directed by Jay Singal.

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