That’s When Lyrics – Taylor Swift

That’s When Lyrics - Taylor Swift

That’s When lyrics in English – sung by Taylor Swift. The Song is written by Taylor Swift and music composed By Taylor Swift.

Song credits : 

✏ Song : That’s When
✏ Singer : Taylor Swift

✏ Music : Taylor Swift
✏ Lyrics : Taylor Swift
✏ Level : UMG

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“That’s When” lyrics : 

You said, “I know” 
When I said, “I need some time, need some space 
To think about all of this” 
And you watched me go 
And I knew my words were hard to hear 
And harder to ever take back 
And I said, 
“When can I come back?” 
And you said 

That’s when 
When I wake up in the morning 
That’s when 
When it’s sunny or storming 
Laughing, when I’m crying 
And that’s when 
I’ll be waiting at the front gate 
That’s when 
When I see your face 
I’ll let you in 
And baby that’s when 

I said, “I know” 
When you said, “I did you wrong 
Made mistakes, and put you through all of this” 
Then through the phone 
Came all your tears 
And I said, “Leave those all in our past” 
And you said, “When can I come back?”
And I said 

And you said, “Honestly, 
When you were gone 
Did you ever think of me?” 
And I said 
That’s when 
When I woke up in the morning 
That’s when 
It was sunny or storming 
When I was crying 
And that’s when you were waiting at the front gate 
That’s when, when I saw your face 
You let me in, and baby that’s when 

When I’m laughing 
When I’m crying 

That’s when I miss you 
That’s when I want you 
That’s when I love you 
That’s when
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☑ Who wrote the lyrics of “That’s When” song?

Taylor Swift has written the lyrics of “That’s When”.

☑ Who is the singer of “That’s When” song?

Taylor Swifti has sung the song “That’s When”. 

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