Mohabbtan Lyrics In English – Happy Raikoti | Laddi Gill

Mohabbtan Lyrics In English - Happy Raikoti | Laddi Gill

Mohabbtan lyrics – latest punjabi song sang by Happy Raikoti, lyrics written by Happy Raikoti and music created by Laddi Gill.

Song credits : 

✏ Song : Mohabbtan
✏ Singer : Happy Raikoti
✏ Music : Laddi Gill
✏ Lyrics : Happy Raikoti
✏ Level : T-series

Official video : 

“Mohabbtan” lyrics : 

Eh sooraj nai chandarma ae
Tu keh te sahi mein mann laina
Je fir vi mann na mannea 
Mein apna mann hi bhann laina 
Pyar vi sochi pai geya ae jinna tainu pyar kardi aan  
Kise ne kita nai hona jinna aitbaar kardi aan 
Haada sajjna mohabbatan na tod ve 
Tod ve 

Tainu ki milda kyo tadpaona ae
Tu dass te sahi haye ki chauna ae 
Koi kaam nahi aisa 
Jo tere lai kar nahi sakdi 
Mein zindagi jeeni tere nal es lai marr nahi sakdi
Tainu saadi nahi par ae sanu teri lod ve 
Haada sajjna mohabbtan na tod ve
Tod ve 

Assi mar jaavange kaam aa na kari 
Bas gall rakh lai chahe viah na kari 
Happy tera chehra sachi sab ae mere lai 
Dil tera hai mandir te tu rabb ae mere lai 
Haye 1 vari eh kadma nu piche lai mod ve
Haada sajjna mohabbtan na tod ve
Tod ve 

“Mohabbtan” lyrics Translation in english : 

It is not sun it’s moon
You just say & I will believe you
If then also my heart doesn’t believe
I will break my believe
Even love is thinking how much I love you
Nobody would have trusted anyone the amount of trust I have on you
My love don’t abandon me

What do you get from my suffering
Tell me what you want
There is nothing
That I can’t do for you
I want to live with you that’s why I can’t die
You don’t need me but I need you
My love don’t abandon me

I will die please don’t do this
Just keep the words, and its fine if you don’t marry me
Happy your face is everything for me
Your heart is my temple and you are my god
Please take this step back
My love don’t abandon me
Fast2lyric FAQs & Trivia
☑ Who wrote the lyrics of “Mohabbtan” song?

Happy Raikoti has written the lyrics of “Mohabbtan”.

☑ Who is the singer of “Mohabbtan” song?

Happy Raikoti has sung the song “Mohabbtan”. 
☑ Who directed “Mohabbtan” music video?

Sukh Sanghera directed the music video of “Mohabbtan”.

☑ Who has featured in the music video?

The music video of “Mohabbtan” features Sonarika Bhadoria & Arjuna Harjai.

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